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The GoforIsrael conference, the 16th GoforIsrael to date, is a full day meeting at the Grand Hyatt in Shanghai on the 20th of September. Every year, the GoforIsrael conference gathers the finest speakers and participants from Israel, China and abroad, as well as investors and top management of the most representative Israeli companies in technology and innovation.

In previous years we welcomed over 1,100 participants, of which more than 300 came especially from all around the world.

GoforIsrael is a platform, the primary purpose of which is to create new business contacts and future partnerships between Israel and the rest of the world.

Since the first conference in 1997, the conference has enjoyed leading guest speakers and personalities including Benjamin Netanyahu, the late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, David de Rothschild, Maurice Levy, Nathalie Kosciusko–Morizet, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy and many other members of parliament and global leaders.

Our plenaries and parallel sessions will address, amongst other things:

  •  Israeli M&A with Chinese Investors
  •  Market Strategies for Israeli Companies in China
  •  Israel as a Gateway to the US Market
  •  TMT and Life Sciences – Bridging Israeli Know-how and Chinese Opportunities
  •  Israel-China Cooperation
  •  One on One meetings between Israeli Technology Companies and Chinese Investors.

GoforIsrael will be covered by Israeli, Chinese and global media, ensuring wide exposure to sponsors and speakers.

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